2015 Cycle - Local ID

The agenda consists of building business guidelines to formulate and implement corporate and local development indicators in order to monitor and assess impacts on territories and in the value chain. 11/06/2015

In 2015, the Local Development business initiative proposed to build, along with the member companies, business guidelines to formulate and implement monitoring and impact assessment indicators, both at the corporate (Key Performance Indicators) and at the local development level, taking into account how businesses operate in the territories, including their value chain.

There will be six meetings; three of which in a workshop format, and three as working groups (WGs). GVces will be the facilitator, inviting reference professionals and experts, and will support the organization of learning and instruments, in order to guide business strategies. Additionally, it will call for cases, so as to identify successful experiences that can be replicated when it comes to build and use of monitoring tools, and impact on local development.

By the end of the year, we expect to produce and publish business guidelines to build monitoring and impact assessment tools, as well as to register selected cases.