Inclusion in Large Projects


Installation of large infrastructure and energy projects in the country inlands, particularly in the Amazon, is a response to economic growth demands in Brazil, but generates concerns regarding their impact on the environment and on the communities who live in the regions where the projects are going to be executed.

When large projects are about to start in a town, local citizens feel both hopeful and fearful, since, while they may have positive expectations regarding financial resources and their effects in the regional economy, the project may also have adverse impacts on the population, such as degradation of natural resources, population growth, city expansion, and social inequality, among others.

Some of the organizations in charge of such projects have sought practices that go beyond obligations established by the legislation, incorporating sustainability into their internal operations and into their relationship with local populations and the environment.  However, there are only a few innovative experiences that support local sustainable development, particularly in regions where the socio-environmental configuration is complex.

The 'Local Development & Large Projects' initiative aims at changing this reality, incorporating the local development topic into the business strategy of organizations in charge of those projects, mobilizing them and bringing them to the public debate on challenges and possibilities of a socially and environmentally sustainable development for the regions where they operate in, especially in Brazil's inlands.